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We have seen great victories in the last year, starting with the U. Supreme Court’s landmark decision to legalize same sex marriage nationwide. Chile legalized civil unions, Argentina repealed the ban on gay and bisexual blood donors, and Colombia ruled in favor of full adoption rights for same sex couples, later passing same sex marriage in early 2016.

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Religious freedom bills passed in Indiana and Mississippi allow open refusal to employment, service, and housing against LGBTQ individuals, and North Carolina kicked off a series of bathroom bills that prohibit and punish transgender folks using restrooms not corresponding to the gender they were assigned at birth.

“The construction of sexual identity and gender is a matter that does not depend on biology.”England and Spain passed the first laws making it easier for a person to change her gender on official documents, in 20, respectively, and Uruguay followed suit in 2009. A few years ago, a popular proposal to extend common-law marriage benefits to same-sex couples stalled in Congress because of conservative opposition; decades-long efforts to legalize abortion have been similarly fruitless.

Three years later, Argentina passed the most progressive gender-identity law in the world. Colombia, like Argentina, can seem like an unlikely place for path-breaking trans-rights reform. S.-based reproductive-rights lawyer, put it to me: “In Argentina, the state will pay for your gender-reassignment surgery, but you still can’t get a legal abortion.” The Catholic Church, which historically has played an outsized role in shaping public policy in Latin America, still has a strong influence over marriage and reproductive regulations, but a confluence of circumstances has made trans advocacy uniquely viable in these same countries.

There were also a total of 26 alleged incidents involving the solicitation of prostitutes overseas, 11 alleged incidents involving child pornography, and 16 alleged incidents of sexual abuse involving a minor.

Given the strong relationship between Colombian authorities and US law enforcement, the report's revelations are unlikely to impact binational cooperation in any significant way, although they are certainly embarrassing.

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