Avoid internet dating scams hudgens dating zac efron

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They got 0 under the same false pretense The number I have is 8 HE IS TOTALLY FAKE..

Scammers will take months to build what seems like the romance of a lifetime.

Don’t fall into this trap until you can be sure they’re genuine. Do not meet until you feel comfortable that they are genuine.

Keep the communications on the site until you agree to meet. It’s easy to get carried away by someone who’s flattering and complimentary about you, but be aware they may have an ulterior motive.

Many of these scammers communicate from overseas, often various locations in Africa, and have a very specific purpose for reaching out to you. Generally, they’re looking to scam you out of money by appealing to your innate desire to find love. Some of the most intelligent women out there have fallen for one of these online scams.

It can be a tricky – not to mention, heartbreaking – situation.

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