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President Obama’s reforms to student loan debt have made it significantly easier to pay back college loans, no matter how much you owe, because there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, where before there was only darkness.

The Helpline is great because even if you don’t seem to qualify for a discharge via bankruptcy, they can suggest other opportunities like challenging the validity of your loans (via the Defense Against Repayment Provision), consolidating your debt, and doing other things that’ll reduce your financial liabilities.

Keep in mind that the Helpline will pitch paid services to you (they can help with research, completing paperwork, finding an attorney, filing forms and documents, etc.), but that you can do all of this stuff entirely on your own, if you have the time for it (and are willing to risk getting things wrong).

There’s only one caveat: getting approval for a student loan bankruptcy discharge requires proving that your student loan debt is causing an “undue hardship” on you, meaning that it’s making it difficult for you to afford basic necessities (like food, housing, medical care, etc.).

This page explains the student loan bankruptcy discharge process in detail, walking you through the different types of Bankruptcies (Chapter 7 vs.

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