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The difference was that Demetria appeared alone at the event without Roger Bobb while Gocha appeared with her beau all coupled up. Gocha and Roger Bobb were trending all night tonight. Tonight, Gocha that reads as “Gotcha” but is pronounced as “Go-Shay” was introduced as a Kandi Burruss friend. Gocha and Roger Bobb shocked ATL insiders during production as much as RHOA fans tonight, LALATE can exclusively report. Gocha also says that she has been in her new relationship as well.

But reality TV fans know Gocha from LA Hair with Kim Kimble, and La La Full Court Life. There is timetime is a crazier than a hug wig tied up in a HLN tunic. Gocha and Dice Dixon have been dating for sometime, however.

La La Land is an American television comedy series broadcast on Showtime in the United States, BBC Three in the United Kingdom, and SBS One in Australia.

It features character comedian Marc Wootton playing three different characters including, Shirley Ghostman, a fake psychic, Gary Garner, a wannabe actor, and Brendan Allen, a documentary film-maker.

Last night on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Kandi hosted one of her trademark sex/dildo-filled parties and invited her cast-mates to join in the naughty fun.

Kandi included some friends from outside the ‘Housewives’ circle on the guest list, including one interesting character, celebrity hairstylist, Gocha Hawkins ( friend who interjected the unsolicited announcement claiming that she had dated Roger Bobb, while he was in his on again, off again romance with Demetria.

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As seen on “La La‘s Full Court Life,” Dice affirmed her sexuality, and from there has been working to use her platform for the greater good.

Tonight, Gocha says that she dated Roger Bobb roughly one to two years ago. So Gocha appears to suggest that she dated Roger Bobb in 2013 or 2012? Gocha in August 2014 appeared in Atlanta for the VH1 Private Debut party of Altanta Execs.

LALATE has previously reported that Roger Bobb did not appear in public dating Demetria Mc Kinney in 2013. At the private party, Gocha was introduced as a reality star.

In 2004 La La began dating NBA player Carmelo Anthony and they were married by Michael Eric Dyson on July 10, 2010 at Cipriani's in New York City before 320 guests.

The ceremony was filmed by VH1 and aired as part of a reality series on the couple, titled La La's Full Court Wedding.

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