Who is jake austin dating

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That’s right: the girl at the bottom of the Jake T.Austin dating rumors isn’t a fellow former TV star–she’s a long-time fan!Unfortunately, she only appeared on the show for that one episode (which was weird because in the ep, he likes her so much that he reveals he’s a wizard, and then we never see her again), but the pair continued seeing each other in the weeks following.But despite their young “love,” their romance only lasted only two months. Sometimes you connect with people at the right moment and you just click." I suppose that's true, but I honestly don't know how warm and fuzzy I'd feel towards someone who'd been obsessively tweeting at me for literal years.

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Meanwhile, um, has anyone even seen David in the last two years…? Millions of girls would do unspeakable things for a date with the 21 year old, but he’s kept his personal life very personal — until recently!

However the Disney star has finally spoken out and confirmed to the Huffington Post that he is indeed dating a girl he met after she tweeted him relentlessly for five years.

A representative for Austin provided the following statement: So there you have it.

Unfortunately, this couple is keeping it on the super-down-low for now.

As first reported by Capital FM, a few years ago, he followed her back, and things blossomed from there.

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